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31 August 2022

IT Resource Management can have a powerful and positive impact on your tech project

It is well known that assigning the right resource, at the right time, to the right project, is a critical success factor. An efficient and effective […]
15 August 2022

The Impact of Low-code Development Platforms

Low-code technology is taking the application development market by storm, so it is important to understand how this new technology can impact your business and see […]
28 July 2022

3 Key Benefits of Systems Integration

Modern technology has revolutionized traditional business systems and companies around the world are transitioning to digital solutions to improve work efficiency. However, multiple branches of operations […]
8 July 2022

Artificial Intelligence: Spreading its benefit to mid market Companies

Growing up in this day and age, most of us cannot even imagine what it would have been like without our computers, X-boxes, PS5, and so […]
17 June 2022

Insurance Technology Is Reshaping the Entire Industry

Insurance technology is poised to mature every year and transform the nature of insurance itself. If you’re curious about the latest advancements and trends in the […]
30 March 2022

The “Customer-centric” Phenomenon

Technology has always been the core of digital transformation. But to thrive now, businesses need customer-centricity. When your customer wins, so do you! Businesses have begun […]
30 March 2022

The “Great” Cloud Migration

It’s a strenuous undertaking if a company opts for cloud migration. If successful, the benefits are numerous. From boosting the efficiency of operations to improving the […]
30 March 2022

South Africa is 2021’s Most Favored Offshore CX Delivery Location

With the world rapidly transforming itself every passing year, industries worldwide are on a hamster’s wheel. They struggle to meet customer taste and preferences changes that […]