Having worked with some of the world’s biggest organisations, we understand your scaling challenges

Those big companies weren’t so massive before we came on board. Through their unique vision and our support, we paved their way with cutting edge architecture and digitalization that enabled their growth to become the industry titans you now know and love. We can do the same for you!

We’ve helped businesses just like yours to achieve their vision.


What do we do, really?

The answer there depends on your needs - and while we offer numerous services, a better question to ask is this: What can we do for you? Here’s a snapshot of sorts:

  • We are tech geeks

    Three decades ago, being a geek was a bad thing. Today, geeks rule the world. This is only possible because we speak AI, ML and Data Science.
  • We are Lean

    We think big, act small, deliver fast, learn faster, and grow! We pride ourselves on underpromising yet overdelivering, so you’re in good hands here.
  • We are remote

    Regardless of where you’re based, we’re a video call away to report, to assure, to guide, to service, to build, to scale, to soar - whatever you may need.
  • We design elegance

    We curate customer-centric platforms by understanding your audience and their desires and elegantly packaging this design in a gorgeous, user-friendly solution.
  • We build platforms

    The fourth industrial revolution has just begun, and if you’re looking for a window into this new age of digitalization, we provide you with the entire highway.
  • We deliver scalability

    To compete with the world’s biggest companies, you need to give your business a fighting chance. You have the ideas, and you know what you need. We simply execute your vision. The fact that you’re here proves you’re on the right path!

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Who we've worked with

Our clients come from all walks of life and in a variety of shapes and sizes, but here are some of the better known ones we've worked with:


Building relationships that last


First Corporate Project

Our first corporate project, a web-based cargo solution for all South African ports.

First Municipal Project

Our first Municipal project, to implement workforce solutions for the City of Cape Town.

First 100% Remote Project

Our first 100% remote project in the entertainment sector, creating a Video-On-Demand solution.

First Software Award

Our first Award for our software, winning the African Media and Entertainment App of the year.

Think big. Start small. Experiment. Adjust rapidly.
Be Agile!

With collaboration, top talent and great ideas, we help develop and monetize your ideas. But first, we like to start off by getting to know you and your concept.

To break down our services further, we design and build customer-centric experiences by rewiring organizations with connected platforms.


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We have talent!

But we’re always on the lookout for more.

If you have what it takes, you should join our global network of digital specialists and IT architecture consultants. Grow your career and work on class-leading brands at the same time.

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